Louise Ingle, Social Media Coordinator


We're stoked to have Louise join the team!  We thought we'd leave Louise to sum up in a few words what she brings to the team:

"Social media plays a huge part in the way we use the internet today, it has changed the way we search, the way we connect, it has evolved the way we learn about whats new, what's happening or what's out there. It helps us both find and showcase new products and ideas. I take a lot away from ideas and information I have come across while having a scroll through social media, whether that be food, a new product, an idea for a piece of art or something cool I can do with my boy, I find myself influenced and inspired by things I have seen on social media every day.

I think we too regularly take for granted what an amazing country NZ is. My love for fishing, the outdoors & the ocean is so much more than a hobby or a past time. With so many of my childhood memories related to my time on the water with my family, the water and the outdoors is such an important part of my life. This thirst for fIshing, NZ, the outdoors, adventure, and all aspects of the water is something I am really enjoying being able to pass onto my young son. 

Not one to be sitting still for long I am very creative. Art is a keen hobby of mine and my love for the water and outdoors shines through all aspects of my art. I cant wait to be able to combine my art and creativity with my love of the outdoors, the water, my photography and NZ to help people showcase not only what they have to offer but also what NZ has to offer, Im looking forward to being able to watch people ideas and businesses grow.

Being able to use the things that make me happy to help others grow and do well is an amazing opportunity."


Carl Muir, Strategy & Director

Carl brings a rare mix of strategic skills, social media nous, and real world experience to the table. After initially doing his time in the corporate marketing world, Carl decided to throw caution to the wind in 2005 and start his own tourism business Epic Adventures. He got to realise a dream he'd always had, earning a living from doing what he loved!  From small beginnings the business he started flourished into one of NZ's most booked fishing tourism businesses. 

Carl puts that success down to a few things, a great brand, a great product and most importantly - telling people about it  "when you do what you love, then you can't help but get it right!"  The communications world evolved hugely over that time with social media playing a huge role in telling the story of the business and connecting with customers.  

Previously, Carl created the popular Whitianga Scallop Festival, coming up with the concept then completely event managing the festival. In its second year, the festival was a finalist in the NZ Tourism Awards.  Carl has worked as Marketing Manager for the Coromandel region, working with tourism operators to develop their capabilities and marketing the region to the tourism trade and consumers. During that time he came up with the now famous 'Good for your Soul' branding and worked across the region's destination marketing mix including PR, trade marketing, advertising, publications, developing the regional photo library, video content, destination management and events.

Carl knew he wanted to share some of his knowledge and experience once he sold his first business, and to help small/medium businesses and tourism reliant communities be the best they can be.  Zoned In was born in 2014. Carls vision for Zoned In is simple:

1. Help more people do what they love

2. Help them do it well

3. Help them tell people about it!

Since starting Zoned In, Carl has got to work with some of the best in the tourism brands like Wilderness Motorhomes and some quintessential NZ fishing and marine brands like Furuno  Carl also devotes some time to helping fledgling tourism companies get off the ground like Boom Sailing

Carl's motto is "Do what you love & do it well"

He is always searching for that perfect balance in life - helping clients, getting out on the water with his kids, seeing his team do well and seeing the Coromandel flourish. 

If you've got a similar outlook in life, chances are we'll get on well. If you think we can help then sing out!